giovedì 8 dicembre 2016

Our side of the story

I believe the Russian conduct in Syria, allied with that of Asad’s discredited regime, will, if they do not change course, provide a tragic example of the perils of forfeiting legitimacy. In defining as a terrorist anyone who opposes a brutal government, they alienate precisely that group that has to be on side if the extremists are to be defeated. Meanwhile, in Aleppo, Russia and the Syrian regime seek to make a desert and call it peace. The human tragedy is heart-breaking. We should, all of us, including intelligence officers, approach analysis of Syria with humility. The facts on the ground are staggeringly complex. The plight of Syrians continues to worsen. I cannot say with any certainty what the next year will bring. But what I do know is this: we cannot be safe from the threats that emanate from that land unless the civil war is brought to an end. And brought to an end in a way that recognises the interests of more than a minority of its people and their international backers.  
Sir Alex Younger MI6

Intervento nel complesso molto politicizzato e intriso di un pò di ipocrisia visto che nemmeno l'MI6 negli anni si è potuto sottrarre a qualche scivolone.
Però almeno sulla questione siriana viene detta la verità.
Quella che da noi si vuole nascondere per costruire una passerella verso la Libia.

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