domenica 2 luglio 2017


The two leaders discussed the crisis in relations between Qatar and a number of other states. Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of political and diplomatic efforts aimed at overcoming the disagreements and normalising the current complicated situation. Vladimir Putin and the Emir of Qatar continued to share opinions on relevant issues of Russian-Qatari cooperation with an emphasis on the implementation of a number of promising projects, including in investment and energy. The leaders agreed on contacts at different levels. Kremlin

Questa situazione andrà avanti per molto tempo.
Almeno finchè il Qatar resiste.
Anche a volersi liberare del padre, che pare essere l'obiettivo dei governi del Golfo e converrebbe anche a lui per iniziare finalmente a governare in maniera autonoma, rimane arduo per Sheikh Tamim uscirne senza le ossa rotte.

Foto Angelino Alfano

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