domenica 23 luglio 2017

Cambia nome. Così Brett ti cambia il curriculum e ti trova il tavolo che vuoi

Now interestingly they came about that name because at one point time, I dealt with them directly. I was, you know, in a former stage of relation with these guys. They formally called themselves the YPG, who the turks would say equated them to the PKK. Who are dealing with terrorists, enemy of mine, how can you do that ally? So we literally played back them. You gotta change your brand. What do you want to call yourself besides the YPG? With about a day's notice  they declared they were the Syrian Democratic Forces. I thought it was a stroke of  brains to put democracy in there  somewhere, but it gave them a little bit of credibility . And the interesting part , and I was lucky I had a great partner in Brett McGurk out there with me at the same time,  because they were asking for things I couldn't give them. And literally that was the acknowledgement that they were the demographic dominant force in northern Sirya They wanted to sit at a table, whether it's Geneva or Astana, wherever the talks are happening about the future Syria, and because they had been branded as the PKK they could never get to the table So while we paired with them militarily, McGurk was able to keep them in the conversation and allowed them the necessary legitimacy to be good partners for us. So it was literally something I needed militarily . 
General Raymond Thomas 

Se Sheikh Tamim, nel corso delle trattative per la separazione da al Qaeda, avesse detto a Sheikh Al Julani di piazzare in mezzo a Jabat Fath e ad Hayaat Tahrir la parola "democracy", oggi lui non verrebbe accusato di finanziare il terrorismo e Abu Mohammad sarebbe il sindaco della Siria.
E ovviamente avrebbe dovuto chiamare McGurk per porre un sigillo di legittimità.

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