mercoledì 12 luglio 2017


O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, forgo its banner and guide its soldiers to the truth.  

O Allah if this is an Islamic State, ruling by Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet, fighting Your enemies, then keep it firm, honour it and grant it victory, and establish it upon the earth, and make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood. So say Āmīn O Muslims. 

O Allah, deal with all of those who split the ranks of the Mujāhidīn, and who divided the word of the Muslims, pleased the disbelievers, enraged the believers and delayed the Jihad by many years. 

O Allah expose their secrets and hidden intentions, and send upon them Your Anger and Your Curse and show us in them the Miracles of Your Power and Might. Say Āmīn O Muslims

Sheikh Abu Mohammad al Adnani April 2014 

Allah risponde sempre alle suppliche dei credenti.
Basta porgersi a Lui con umiltà e cuore sincero.
E avere pazienza. Sabr.

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