sabato 11 marzo 2017

Sleeping with the enemy

So discussions are ongoing on the plan for Raqqa - there's a plan proposed by the Turks, another one by the Americans. It is still not clear at this point and I cannot confirm whether it will happen.
What is your opinion of the Geneva negotiations? It happened so in previous negotiations. They come as a sort of a respite for Assad.  What would a post-Assad Syria look like in your view? Of course Ahrar al Sham has an Islamic identity but we consider that the majority of the Syrian people have that same identity without, of course, excluding the others. So are you talking about a democracy? This will be decided by the Syrian people. I cannot right now say what term will be used to describe what the government will be like. In what form would Islamic principles be present in such a government?  The Islamic identity is present among the Syrian people. So when there is a constitution and law, this issue will be taken into account, along with all the other different facets of Syrian society. In what way this will happen will be decided by the Syrian people.  If the Syrian people chose a democratic system of government without any religious principles, would Ahrar Al Sham participate in it? Ahrar al Sham will not confront or oppose [with force] the decisions of the people. In this case, whether Ahrar al Sham would assume the position of political opposition, or whether its activities will change and be dawa-related, ideological or political, is something I don't know. This will be decided by the leadership when the time comes. What do you think about the Russian intervention in Syria? It is an oppressive intervention. It is supporting a criminal regime and a dictator that has been killing the Syrian people for six years. It has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, of women and children. We consider it an occupying power. There has been coordination between the Russian and Turkish governments in Syria. What do you think about that? Turkey is one of the countries supporting the Syrian revolution. It has supported us through logistics, aid and has welcomed a lot of refugees. Of course we value all of these things. However, we don't have to necessarily agree with all its decisions. We may have some differences over how we view some issues. They tried to reach an understanding with the Russians. Our position was that the Russians are not serious and are not honest and that they will continue to support Bashar. And this became clear.Al Jazeera

Se era un modo per convincere i siriani a tenersi Assad, ci è decisamente riuscito.

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