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Terroristi a buon mercato

Nevertheless, the official made an exception for two groups - Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar ash-Sham. "The specified groups, in our view, should be included in the final variant of the list, as they cannot make a contribution to attaining the political tasks for all Syria," he said. "Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar ash-Sham are criminal terrorist organisations that should be liquidated, and their criminal activity - stopped. There is, believe me, convincing evidence to this that is also known to our foreign partners."
Tass 31 Dec 2015

Question: At his recent conference in Aspen (Colorado), US Secretary of State John Kerry described Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam as subgroups of Jabhat al-Nusra. Does Russia agree with this assessment? Does Russia share the opinion that these two armed groups should be included into the list of terrorist organisations? Maria Zakharova: With due respect for the American side for their wanting to include some groups or subgroups into terrorist lists, rather than agreeing with the US Administwe assign priority to acting within international law ration. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide on the status of given terrorist group. Accordingly, the groups recognised by the UN Security Council as terrorist are terrorist groups.
Mid ru 14 July 2016

29.12.2016 (16:25) List of armed formations, which joined the ceasefire in the Syrian Arab Republic on December 30, 2016 

Formations of the moderate opposition, which control vast territories in the northern and central part of Syria and which have joined the ceasefire: 1. Feilak al-Sham 19 detachments, total strength: over 4,000 people. Its formations conduct combat actions in the Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Homs provinces. 2. Ahrar al-Sham The full name is Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya. Over 80 detachments, total strength: about 16,000 people. Formations of the grouping conduct combat actions in the Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Idlib, Latakia, Hama and Homs provinces. 3. Jaysh al-Islam 64 detachments, total strength: about 12,000 people. Jaysh al-Islam formations conduct combat actions in the Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Deir ez-Zor, Latakia, Hama and Homs provinces.

Ceasefire draft

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