venerdì 5 febbraio 2016


And that's why we've been so focused on that region of the world. And there are some new numbers to point to today that demonstrate some of the progress that we've made. The latest assessment about the number of fighters who are fighting on behalf of ISIL in Iraq and in Syria was -- based on an earlier assessment -- was up to 31,500 fighters in that region of the world. There’s a new assessment from our intelligence community that indicates that that number is now up to about 25,000 fighters. Now, that means they continue to be a substantial threat, but the potential numbers have declined. And that’s a testament to the efforts of our partners on the ground who are taking the fight to ISIL on the ground. As a result of those efforts, ISIL has sustained significant casualties. It also is a testament to our aggressive military campaign in the air. The United States and our coalition partners have taken a number of airstrikes that have taken a number of ISIL fighters off the battlefield. It also is a testament to the success that we’re having in starting to staunch the flow of foreign fighters to Iraq and in Syria. ISIL is having more difficult than they’ve had before in replenishing their ranks. And we have long been aware of the need of the international community to cooperate to stop the flow of foreign fighters to the region. You’ll recall the President hosted a meeting at the United Nations Security Council to discuss international cooperation to prevent the flow of foreign fighters to Iraq and in Syria. So we’re seeing some important progress in that area. But we know that ISIL is trying to establish this caliphate inside of Iraq and in Syria. And as we apply significant pressure on them there, it will make it harder for them to capitalize on political instability in other places. But right now, we know that they do have that capacity, and that’s why we’re mindful of the threat that is posed by ISIL in places like Afghanistan and Libya.Josh Earnest , 2/4/2016

Calo dovuto ai bombardamenti o all'esodo verso la Libia ?
Questo potrebbe essere un altro dei motivi del teatrino che ci sta riservando l'Aise in  questi giorni.
La signora Pinotti si è detta convinta del fatto che l'avanzata di Daesh sta avvenendo non in maniera preoccupante ovvero non a causa dell'esodo previsto dall'area siro irachena.
Ismail Shukri dei servizi di Misurata ha parlato del trasferimento dei grandi capi.
Agli americani vanno bene entrambe le versioni.

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