mercoledì 23 maggio 2018

Meanwhile in Tehran (Persian to do list)

Europe must guarantee it will not raise the issue of the Islamic Republic's missiles and regional affairs. 
Europe must guarantee the total sale of Iran's oil. If US manages to impede our oil sale, we should be able to sell our desired amount of oil. 
Europeans should-- in a guaranteed manner-- compensate for it and buy Iran's oil. 
European banks must guarantee business transactions with the Islamic Republic. 
We do not have any disputes with these three countries; however, we do not trust them either because of their past actions. Europe must confront imposition of any sanctions on the Islamic Republic and stand firmly against US's sanctions on Iran. 
If the Europeans hesitate in responding to our demands, Iran is entitled to resuming its nuclear activities. When we find out the #JCPOA has no benefits, one of our options is to resume cancelled activities.
Foto/Testo Ayatollah Khamenei

Quando il comandante è concentrato in maniera così intensa mentre l'Ayatollah parla, vuol dire che la situazione è grave.
E in effetti sembrerebbe esserlo.

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