martedì 21 marzo 2017


• Field Marshal Haftar sees his mission as fighting jihadist terrorism. 
• A large degree of order and governance exists in Eastern Libya. 
• Despite being under pressure, the East remains stable while the West is plagued by disorder and insecurity. 
• The House of Representatives is a nucleus for the development of a Libyan Parliamentary system, and has a geographical reach across Libya. 
• Western Libya, particularly Tripoli itself, is dominated by warlords and criminal gangs; they all have an interest in prolonging the relative confusion in the West. 
• The UK should urgently engage with Haftar, the LNA and the HoR 
• The UK should support the LNA to secure Libya’s borders and bring an end to the illegal trafficking of people from Libya’s sea ports. 
• The UK should reconsider its view of the GNA and acknowledge its limited capacity to deliver any kind of governance or security for Libya.
Conservative Middle East Council

Foto Barchielli

Come osservava un cronista friulano, Serraj sembra il clone del Questore Pillinini.

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