martedì 7 febbraio 2017

Quando gli americani sconfissero il comunismo in Italia

On 3 March Scelba sent for her and insisted that they talk alone without an interpreter. Their one-onone conversation, conducted entirely in Italian, lasted an hour and a half. While Luce got the general drift of what Scelba said, his rapid speech and Sicilian accent left her unsure about finer points. 5 7 She gathered that he and the Christian Democrats were now committed to a real anticommunist program. Reiterating what he had told her in the fall, Scelba believed the Communists could not be defeated unless the government used "allout force." It had the muscle to do so, but first needed to know what the United States would do if civil war developed. Not yet aware of the probe by the Army's source and without guidance from State on how to respond, Luce replied that the United States hoped it would not come to that and gave her personal view that it would probably back the Italian Government. (U) nsa archive

Chissà perchè non sono intervenuti con l'esercito dopo la vittoria del NO.

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