mercoledì 25 gennaio 2017

Quando i "terroristi" ragionano meglio degli analisti

From the humiliating outcomes of the Astana talks is that the Syrian Opposition taking part in the negotiations has to receive a draft of the new Syrian constitution which has been prepared by a group of Russian experts..! Russia who is slaughtering the Syrian people and destroying Syria has not just become a party who oversees and supervises the negotiation, rather they have now even become legislators of the new Syrian constitution..! { Is it that they have associate-gods who have prescribed for them a religion that is not sanctioned by Allah? Had it not been for a decisive word, the matter would have been judged between them. And surely, for the wrongdoers there is a painful punishment} Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi

A Few Frank Points to Ponder for the New American President
You are the third president of the United States entangled in the quagmire of the war in Afghanistan. As per your own statistics, more than one trillion dollars have been spent on the war so far but nothing has been achieved except the staining of innocent Afghans in their blood and destruction of villages and gardens. Apart from that, you have lost your previous credibility in the world. So, the responsibility to bring to an end this war also rests on your shoulders.
...You are not actually fighting against a group but you are confronting a nation.This issue could not be solved by the influx of troops nor was it solved through such tactic in the past. The bitter experiences of the former Administrations of America during the past years have clearly proven this. Therefore, instead of following the past policies, it would be better for you to come with a rationale solution. End the occupation. Alternatively, assist countries in reconstruction and development instead of bloodshed and destruction. This will restore peace in our country and region and will allow you to restore your credibility in the world. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Trump per il momento ha risposto cambiando terminologia.
jihadist >>>islamist =terrorist
global war on terrorism >>>fight against radical Islam

la casa bianca ha smentito il leak del WP sul ripristino dei siti

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