giovedì 5 gennaio 2017

Matteo e l'american prodding

In 2011, the Iraqi government chose an Italian engineering company, Trevi S.p.A., to begin a restoration, but the discussions broke down. A spokesman for Trevi told me he didn’t know why. A senior American official who has spent years working in Iraq confided that the deal may have stalled after Trevi refused an Iraqi demand for a kickback. “It was too big for the Italians to make,” the official told me.

Early in 2016, under American prodding, the Iraqis reopened negotiations with Trevi S.p.A.

The engineers say that they are confident they can prevent the dam’s foundation from washing away. But Pierluigi Miconi, Trevi’s project manager, told me that some of the voids may require tens of thousands of gallons of grout. In some cases, he said, it may take days to fill a single void. “This is an urgent project,” he said. thenewyorker

Chissà che triangolazioni sono state messe in atto per trovare il giusto kickback.

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