martedì 11 ottobre 2016

Il manuale del perfetto dittatore

He asserted that whenever the Syrian army and its allies achieve advances in facing the terrorist groups, on top “Jabhat al-Nusra”, some of the Security Council’s well-known member states call for holding sessions or propose draft resolutions to help the terrorists and to protect them from their inevitable fate.
He asserted that the United States, France and Britain, since six years, have been organizing false diplomatic and political media campaigns to show that what is happening in Syria is a confrontation between the “armed opposition” which they describe it as ” moderate” and the governmental forces which they accuse it of committing war crimes paying no heed that its policies endangered the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Syria. 
Commenting on some allegations of targeting the hospitals, al-Jaafari said that terrorists in eastern Aleppo transformed the most prominent optometry hospital in the Middle East to a base of operations for them.

Quando la gente ha fame e inizia a protestare, apre le carceri e fa uscire un pò di gentiluomini.
Gli fornisce le armi e aspetta che inizino a sparare.
Poi grida al lupo, al lupo, sono arrivati i terroristi.
E inizia a sparare sull'opposizione politica.

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