giovedì 13 ottobre 2016

Cambi di casacca

Internet trolls came out in force to attack a Free Syrian Army general after he gave an interview in which he asked for Russia’s cooperation to work ‘hand in hand’ to defeat the Islamic State. The cited 3-star Free Syrian Army general was called a ‘stooge’ by the Western trolls. yournewswire Oct.2015

In his statement, Hossam Alawak emphasized that he left the FSA, who has been collaborating with Turkey, and joined the SDF, along with several fighters from the Free Efserên Group. Alawak criticized the FSA for using the Syrian Revolution in order to receive financial gains from several states, particularly Turkey. Alawak condemned the FSA’s terrorist actions against civilians, and said that the FSA has been damaging the Syrian Revolution by letting Turkey use and manipulate the FSA as a proxy force in Syria. anfnews Oct.2016

Parla come il rojava-notav torinese.
E infatti a giudicare dai precedenti pare un pò cucù. 

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