martedì 16 agosto 2016

Nothing to announce

QUESTION: You’ve seen these reports that Russia is saying it’s close to a military – joint military action with the U.S. in Aleppo. Is there any truth to these? MS TRUDEAU: So we’ve seen the press reports of the Russian defense minister’s comments. We have nothing to announce at this time. We do speak regularly with Russian officials about ways to strengthen the cessation of hostility, improve humanitarian access, and bring about conditions necessary to find a political solution to the conflict. QUESTION: So you say you’re not ready to announce anything yet, which means that you’re working on something? MS TRUDEAU: We have remained in close touch, as we’ve been clear about, with the Russians on ways to, as I said, advance the cessation of hostilities, improve the access, and to bring about the conditions necessary for a political transition. QUESTION: But is there a specific discussion with the Russians about – that’s centered on Aleppo and possible -- MS TRUDEAU: I have nothing to read out on that. Absolutely -- QUESTION: So there’s no – there are no discussions or -- MS TRUDEAU: I just – I have no information to share on that. QUESTION: So as part of the broader dialogue that you say you have with the Russians on this, is there anything that you’re aware of that involves joint military action around Aleppo? MS TRUDEAU: There is nothing to announce at this time, Matt. QUESTION: When do you expect this to be announced? QUESTION: He was quite certain on -- QUESTION: When do you expect this to be announced on your part? MS TRUDEAU: Again, I have nothing to announce. We’ve seen his comments. We’re very focused on the three components that I mentioned: cessation of hostilities, humanitarian access, political transitions are political conditions necessary to bring a political solution to this conflict. Said. QUESTION: I just want to understand. So are you – you are denying that what he said about joint military action against militias? Is -- MS TRUDEAU: Well, I’d also look very closely to what the Russian defense minister said himself on that. But in terms of our position, we have nothing to announce. Okay. QUESTION: And the -- QUESTION: But you are not denying that it could happen? MS TRUDEAU: I’m not going to get ahead of anything on that, QUESTION: Since you are – because I’m completely confused. So there are ongoing discussions that Secretary Kerry is talking about on – but that is not just Aleppo. That is a broader Syria -- MS TRUDEAU: These are the conversations that we have been having with Russian officials on the three components that we’ve been very transparent about. Yes. QUESTION: Okay, but he seems to be narrowing it to Aleppo, just Aleppo, which sounds like -- MS TRUDEAU: Yeah, and I would refer you to the Russians to speak to what their defense minister said. QUESTION: I understand that. MS TRUDEAU: For the United States, we have nothing to announce. QUESTION: Okay. QUESTION: Syria still. MS TRUDEAU: Are we going to stay on Syria? Of course, Tejinder.

Foto Reuters

I russi vogliono semplicemente liberarsi degli oppositori di Assad.
Rilasciare interviste dando per certo un accordo è la solita buffonata di Shoigu.
Come le tre ore di cessate il fuoco.
Assad e i russi stanno usando armi chimiche che ammazzano civili.
I raid congiunti in cui sperano sono una trappola.
Non ci si può alleare con i russi.
Ha ragione Morell. Devono pagare con il sangue per questa ed altre guerre.
L'immobilismo di Obama sta uccidendo donne e bambini.
Deve fare qualcosa e subito, ma non allearsi con il nemico.
Perchè è ora di dirlo forte è chiaro.
Chi sta con Assad è un nemico dell'umanità.
Ci rifletta anche chi viola gli embarghi per andarci a parlare nascondendosi dietro lo scudo della ragion di stato.

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