sabato 29 ottobre 2016


And currently, the Bureau maintains nearly a dozen temporary duty (TDY) cyber ALAT positions—their locations determined by the cyber threat environment and the host nation’s capabilities in working with the FBI in identifying, disrupting, and dismantling cyber threat actors and organizations.

The work of cyber ALATs provides a number of benefits for the Bureau, including improved working relationships with our partners to further FBI investigations and initiatives; assistance with the differences in countries’ jurisdictional issues, cyber laws, and legal processes; and a fuller picture of particular cyber threats. fbi

Ma vengono usati strumenti e metodi ammessi dalla giurisdizione ospitante ?
Giusto per curiosità nel caso fossimo uno di quei Paesi.
Sempre per quella storia che noi stiamo all'America come l'Albania sta a noi.
E si fa presto a creare un terremoto politico con una storiella simile a quella degli imsi catcher.

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