martedì 9 gennaio 2018


216. We have also been concerned that, as the Agencies enter periods of considerable growth, where they lack in-house skills they may re-employ former staff as contractors to carry out work very similar to their previous duties. We therefore asked each of the Agencies to provide details of the numbers of former staff now working as time-hire contractors. GCHQ has approximately 200 such staff, SIS has 73 and MI5 has seven. These numbers offer very poor value for money and highlight a lack of adequate skills planning. Whilst it may always be necessary to re-hire some former staff in exceptional circumstances, this should be kept to a minimum given the potentially significant costs involved.

Da noi non accade perchè gli anziani stanno ancora dentro.

Dite la verità.
Mi volete bene quando penso certe carinerie.
E le scrivo pure.

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